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Jacob Lindauer : Director, Paramedic

Jacob Lindauer

Director, Paramedic

Born and raised in Northeast Iowa, my introduction to EMS came while still in high school as a junior member of the Dundee Fire Department.  I was asked if I would like to become a member of the first responders and was enrolled in the upcoming EMT class.

It was during the class over my senior year I discovered my passion for EMS. The next fall I attended the University of Wisconsin Platteville. During my 4 years at Platteville, I worked as an on call EMT for the City of Platteville’s ambulance and was given the opportunity to take the Advanced EMT class through the service. As part of my bachelor’s degree, I interned with Grant County Emergency Management which led to a capstone project on finding and presenting the challenges of the volunteer EMS departments throughout the county, as well as volunteering with the Lancaster Fire Department and Ambulance. In 2016, I took a semester break from the University of Wisconsin Platteville to do my paramedic training at the University of Iowa EMSLRC. I then worked full time in Manchester, Iowa for Regional Medical Center while finishing my bachelor’s degree in Biology at the University of Wisconsin Platteville. After graduation I continued working for Regional Medical Center in Manchester as well as continued my EMS education by becoming a Critical Care Paramedic as well as gaining certification as a flight paramedic. I returned to Dundee to volunteer as well as assist in with continuing education throughout Delaware County.

Gary Ruge : Driver

Gary Ruge


I am from Des Moines, Ia, but have been living in Iowa City the past 2 years.

I am a student at the University of Iowa. I am a Human Physiology major and hoping to become a doctor someday.

I wanted to volunteer here to see the pre-hospital side of medicine and to better understand patient care.

Bobby Plume : Driver

Bobby Plume


“Bobby” Plume is a Retired military officer of 26 years. He has recently took up a new career as he has completed his nursing degree with Purdue University Global. He will be taking his boards next week. His former career was a quality engineer. He was interested in volunteering to support the community and increase his knowledge in emergency medicine. He has started two boy scout troops and a venture crew in the Cedar Rapids area for special needs and inner-city youth. He has volunteered in some capacity at each military post and community in which he served. He enjoys working with youth, the special needs community, the outdoors, as a military officer, and in high paced situations.